Philip Guston Now | A Reading List on the Retrospective

Artnet News, by Zoé Samudzi, 12/27/22

PRINT, by Steven Heller 12/19/22

The Brooklyn Rail, by Rosa Boshier González 12/16/22

Unherd, by Kat Rosenfield 12/14/22

Glasstire, by Garland Fielder 12/6/22

Jewish Currents, by Zoé Samudzi 11/16/22

Houston Chronicle, by Andrew Dansby 10/25/22

Art Daily, 10/23/22

National Review, by Brian T. Allen 10/1/22

Moment Magazine, by Frances Brent 9/28/22

New Criterion, Karen Wilkin 9/22

The Brooklyn Rail, by Lyle Rexer 8/30/22

The Spectator, by Joshua Lieberman 8/20/22

Hyperallergic, by John Yau 8/18/22

The Spectator, by Andrew Shea 8/1/22

The Nation, by Barry Schwabsky 7/28/22

Jewish Boston, by Judy Bolton-Fasman 6/28/22

Jewish Boston, by Joshua Meyer 5/31/22

Artnet News, by Leah Triplett Harrington 5/26/22

The Atlantic, by Lily Meyer 5/24/22

Filthy Dreams, by Emily Colucci 5/23/22

Financial Times, by Jan Dalley 5/13/22

PBS News Hour, by Jared Bowen, GBH, Maureen Barillaro, Robert Judge 5/12/22

WGBH, by Jared Bowen 5/12/22

Forward, by Penny Schwartz by 5/11/22

New York Sun, by A.R. Hoffman 5/7/22

Washington Post, by Sebastian Smee 5/6/22

The Art Newspaper Podcast, Hosted by Ben Luke, Gareth Harris and Aimee Dawson. Produced by David Clack and Henrietta Bentall 5/6/22

ARTnews, by Maximilíano Durón 5/5/22

Artnet, by Taylor Dafoe 5/5/22

Arts Fuse, by Franklin Einspruch 5/3/22

Forbes, by Chadd Scott 5/1/22

The New York Times, by Marc Tracy and Robin Pogrebin 5/1/22

The Boston Globe, by Malcolm Gay 4/30/22

The Wall Street Journal by Peter Plagens 4/30/22

The Economist 4/30/22

The Boston Globe by Murray Whyte 4/28/22

WBUR, by Pamela Reynolds 4/28/22

Apollo Magazine, by Craig Burnett 4/28/22

The New York Times, by Holland Cotter 4/28/22

The Art Newspaper, by J.S. Marcus 4/26/22

The Wall Street Journal by Peter Saenger 4/22/22 

Apollo Magazine, Art Diary 4/22/22

The Boston Globe, by Jane Kallir 4/18/22

Artforum, by Dan Nadel 1/21